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Is Social Media too Social for My Business?

I have been hearing from our clients and business executives that there is a concern that social media is just too social.  “I don’t want my clients and prospects to know about my personal life,” “I don’t think it is professional,” and “It just doesn’t seem like a good fit for business,” are things that I hear all of the time.

The key for successful use of social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn in the professional world is to set goals ahead of time and create a plan. 

The best goals are to use social media to:

  • Drive people to your website
  • Track where people came from
  • Create followers and “clicks”
  • Stay front of mind with your prospects

When people are resistant to jump on the social media bandwagon or increase their efforts, I always suggest that they start with LinkedIn.  LinkedIn is more well known as the “business networking” site for social media.  Use this tool to ease into the world of social media and set goals to use it as an asset for your business.


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