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Sales Techniques - Put on Your “Consultant's Hat" to Get Your Sales Call Moving

Has this ever happened to you; you've been working a sales call and everything was cruising along nicely, and then out of nowhere everything comes to a screeching halt, the whole process is stalled, and nothing you try gets the call moving.

Would you like to know one technique that can get the call back in gear and moving again?

When this happens to me, we know that despite the fact that we have something valuable that the prospect needs he or she is not going to share any thing more with a salesperson. They have opened up as much as they are going to, unless…

We stop being sales people.  We put on our consultants hat and approach the prospect from a different position and role. 

Here's How This Sales Technique Works

You say: Bob, do you mind if I take off my salesperson's hat and put on my consultant's hat for a little while? 

Prospect Bob: I guess so.

You say: Bob, by stopping here and not moving this project forward you are hurting your business.  You have already told me that your company isn't meeting the production levels it needs to, right?  Look Bob, what you've told me makes it clear that your directors are going to demand more or find someone who can deliver.

You continue:  From the outside looking in, your situation looks bleak.  If you continue doing what you have been you aren't going to make the cut.  You are at a point where you absolutely must make a change or probably make the biggest mistake you have made this year.  What do you think, is this the way you see it?

Whatever Bob says right now will give you the clearest insight into his decision-making process.  Now of course there is no way I can guarantee this will get you the sale but I can be pretty certain it will get the prospect working with you again to solve the problem.

Why Does this Sales Technique Work?

It is often said that a consultant is someone who gets paid a lot of money to tell a client something he either already knows or that he doesn't want to hear!  Said another way, consultants get paid upfront to do what any good salesperson would do for the prospect anyway.

Why is it a prospect would pay a consultant to do what a salesperson will do without getting paid upfront?  It's all about positioning and this is precisely what makes this technique work.  Prospects are used to paying for, trusting in and following the advice of a consultant.  So when you say that you want to put on your consultant's hat, you are borrowing a part of that credibility, which can be just enough.

It’s important for you to understand that sales techniques can be very powerful.  But you must have a good, battle tested sales process or all the techniques won’t amount to a grain of sand on the beach.  You just won't get the sale or your commission consistently enough to make a difference.


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