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Sales Tests – Do Sales Assessments Really Help You Hire Better?

The simple answer is yes, the right “sales tests” can help you hire better. Whether you call them sales tests, sales assessments or personality inventories, using one or more of them can greatly improve your new hire success rate. 

Hiring Salespeople - What You Are Up Against

The Resume

A candidate’s resume is a picture painted by the applicant himself.  You are unlikely to ever receive a bad resume or one that really shows the inner core of the applicant.  For this reason, resumes are ineffective for truly understanding a candidate’s strengths and weaknesses. Resumes are really only useful for providing a general idea of a candidate’s past positions, industries and responsibilities.

The Interview

David Sandler once said of salesperson interviews “The best sales call your candidate will ever make is his or her interview.” Much like the candidate’s resume, the candidate’s interview is a not a very good vehicle for getting at those attributes that define selling winners. It’s difficult to craft questions that the candidate hasn’t already prepared for and you can be certain that he will do his best to tell you exactly what you want to hear!

Enter the Sales Assessment or Sales Test

These diagnostic tools allow you to go “under the hood” of your prospective candidate. They serve as an independent, objective check and balance to your resume screening and interviewing processes. Using them enables you to make a more objective selection by allowing you to see past the candidate’s outward facing shell and into the specific aspects of their personality and behaviors that are likely to define success or failure in their new role with your company.

When Should Sales Tests Be Applied in Your Process?

While we would need to know more about your particular situation before we made any concrete recommendations, in general, sales assessments should come early-on in the process. By using them upfront you can quickly and cost effectively rule out many applicants before they tie up your time and your team’s time only to be eliminated later in the process.

Want to learn more about how investing in the right sales assessments can help you hire better and reduce your overall cost of hiring and turnover? 

Here is an easy way to get that process started.

Pick up the phone and call us at 615-399-8700. We can learn more about your company and hiring process and help you understand which sales tests will make the most sense. 


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